Increase Fleet Efficiency & Productivity through GPS Tracking System

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  • Aug 15,2018
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Today’s satellite global positioning system (GPS) is the basis for a technology popular with commercial motor vehicle operators in asset management – which can include vehicles, equipment and personnel. GPS tracking allows fleet management professionals to make the best use of these assets, to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Fleets are expensive and critical to an organisation. With the growth of a fleet, needs are expanded. The functional or operational areas include, maintenance, telematics, driver management, speed monitoring, fuel management, health and safety management and much more.

Amongst the areas, vehicle maintenance is one of the essential functions for the companies that rely on transportation. It requires a powerful technology. IT can play a vital role here as well. It should help logistic and mobile service companies not only to keep track of their fleet but also to keep track of their service schedules.

Here are some of the benefits of having a GPS Tracking System.

  • Live view of vehicle locations. No need for calls to drivers
  • React quickly to urgent, unplanned jobs and find the nearest resource to a location
  • Daily or weekly reports give you a clear picture of overall performance
  • Complete more jobs daily with a more efficient operation
  • Achieve significant fuel savings across your operation
  • Speeding and engine idling alerts allow proactive driver feedback and training
  • Plan optimal routes and ensure that they are being adhered to
Bonus Benefits to look for:
  • Driver productivity app
  • Fleet, resource and defect management
  • CRM for all your contacts, sites and locations
  • Health and Safety module
  • Timesheet management with GPS stamp
  • Driver and vehicle checks electronically, with defect logging
  • Unauthorised vehicle use alerts

GPS fleet tracking benefits commercial vehicle operators in a number of ways. You may have multiple options for tracking your fleet. But an expert with experience can help you decide which solution would be best for your specific needs.

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